Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on PhilthyOps. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Board Wide

    1. PhilthyOps is aimed at a general audience. This means our site is designed for 13 year olds and older. Everything must be aimed at this age and older. Explicit, offensive, shocking, drug talk, vulgar #
    2. Do not mini-mod. We would like to encourage and thank members to use the report button but not add their own criticism. Impersonating a staff member is a serious offense and may lead to a permanent ban. #
    3. All publicly displayed messages should be posted in English. This includes posts, titles, signatures, profiles and other forms of public display. The use of "Thank You" or similar in another language as a reply will be allowed. #
    4. All topics and posts (Signatures, Avatars included) that are posted on the site shall be done in a respectful and visually acceptable style and manner, any topic or post that has come under question will always be left to the staff's final discretion. #
  2. Warnings and Bans

    1. Members who disobey the rules will be warned or banned depending on what the moderator believes is the appropriate punishment. Members can be warned a maximum of two times consequently. On the third, the member will be immediately banned. This does not mean that you have to have a warning to get banned, staff may ban you without warnings depending on the offense. #
    2. A warning may expire after a specified time frame. If a warning has a time frame set, the warning will automatically expire after a certain number of days. #
    3. If you believe you do not deserve the warning please contact the moderator who warned you. Talking back to the staff member who gave you the warning with no sense of respect will lead to further warnings. #
  3. Ettiquette

    1. Treat others positively and with respect. Flaming other members or other forums will lead to a warning, possibly even a ban. #
    2. Topics must be submitted to the relevant forums whenever possible. Staff members may move your topics/posts, split, or merge topics where appropriate at any time. Topic titles must have an appropriate description. #
    3. Bumping is allowed provided that the reply has relevant information that is useful to the continuance of the topic. Short bumping is disabled and you must wait the minimum amount of days to pass in order to respond to your on post or bump it. #
    4. Please do not request a post to be made sticky. If there is room to make an exceptional post as sticky, we will do so. #
    5. Asking any staff member if you can be a part of the staff will hinder your chance of ever becoming one. The same applies for VIP. #
  4. Spam

    1. You may only promote your website once. This may be done in the General Discussion section and only applies to sites that are within the rules. #
    2. If you choose to post a link it should benefit everyone and must not be a site of the following categories, promote disallowed content of any type, or break any other rules on the site. Site removal or moderation is at the sole discretion of the staff and may be removed or edited at any time. Breaking this rule may result in a warning or full ban. All spam rules apply in regard to private messaging as well.
      • Referrals/affiliate links
      • Warez/pirating/torrents
      • Gore, death, and generally NFSW websites
      • Surveys or survey sites
      • Deceptive links (such as short links that hide the real website intentionally)
      • Sites that require subscription fees or premium subscriptions
      • Porn or sexual related websites including dating sites
      • Hate speech, defamation, extreme bias or racist websites
      • Medications, RX sales, etc. Nobody needs medication from you.
      • Sites that promote or display items that are illegal or prohibited in the United States
      • You may not have links advertising other websites within your signature.